How to Help

Our service to the local community is significant. During 2016 we provided over 10,500 hours of direct-care service as well as many hours of volunteer and uncompensated service to Newbury citizens. To continue providing high quality services in the face of diminishing funds, we need your help.


Our Board of Directors are volunteers. Some of our drivers are volunteers. Over the years we’ve had dozens of volunteers, helping us in all different manners and we are thankful for them. As a volunteer you can lead a craft or game, read a story, play an instrument or just spend one on one time with a participant. Volunteers have cleaned, painted and weeded our gardens also. What are your talents? What special skills or knowledge can you share with our participants.

Are you a good driver? We always need volunteer drivers.

In addition to 34 volunteer hrs by our board of directors, we have received in-kind donations of time and materials valued at over $7200 in 2016.


Perhaps the single greatest way you can help is with a financial gift. Why not honor a loved one with a donation? Why not help an organization that gives back so much to the community? Use the button in the side bar of this site to make a donation. You can give a little, you can give a lot, every little bit helps.

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