Services Offered at OSIP

Personal / Health Care

OSIP Adult Day Service is staffed by qualified Registered Nurses and Licensed Nursing Assistants who work together to provide qualified and sensitive care to every participant.

A Personal Health Assessment is created for every participant and a Plan of Care is developed from it. This Plan of Care is followed daily by our LNAs and Chefs and could include anything from providing medication at a certain time to making sure a meal is pureed for someone with difficulty swallowing. We provide nail care, monthly foot care, bathing, bathroom assistance, medical management as well as plenty of the best medicine, laughter.

Nourishing Meals

Our participants are fed a light breakfast and nutritious lunch. When they first arrive in the morning, our participants are served fruit, toast or muffin and their choice of coffee, tea, milk or juice. Our certified cooks prepare lunch on site daily to meet the specific dietary needs of each participant.  See Monthly Menu

Special attention is given to flavor, color, quality and variety of the food we serve in order to promote optimal nutrition, enhance appeal and encourage appetite.


We provide several daily activities for our participants. With activities such as crafts, painting, gardening, group exercise, musical performances and popular games like bingo, pokeno and cribbage, as well as plenty of old music and tv shows, our participants days are sure to be filled with something they enjoy.

Low impact exercise is a big part of our day. Participants are actively encouraged to take laps up and down our long hallway or the “OSIP train”, as we call it. The number of laps they complete are documented in their exercise chart in order to measure improvement. For an hour every morning, we all form an exercise circle for some stretching or chair movements followed by an always lively round of ‘Bikini Beach ball,’ our fun name for kicking and swatting a beachball back and forth.

And of course, every participant is free to engage in private activities such as reading or word puzzles, watching a movie or listening to music.


We are all great listeners and when the need arises, we can connect our participants to the appropriate community services.